Saturday, 8 February 2014

Watch out, Button Box is about....

OOoppss I almost forgot to share some of my designs I created for some lovely card retailers.
First up an oldie but goodie that I designed for M&S yonks ago, I saw it was still going strong a few weeks ago... (proud designer)

( copyright of Marks & Spencers )

And next up a christmas design I created for Hallmark Cards, I was so pleased with how these turned out and sent a few out myself at christmas....

( copyright of Hallmark Cards )

This card was another one that I had designed for Hallmark, with a cheery teapot on the front, but this one actually features my name, a little photo of me and my furry friend Marley and a little bio about me on the back, which is such a lovely touch, I felt really chuffed (and ever so slightly shy)

( Copyright of Hallmark 2014 )

Look its me and Marls!! Almost famous!!