Saturday, 8 February 2014

Watch out, Button Box is about....

OOoppss I almost forgot to share some of my designs I created for some lovely card retailers.
First up an oldie but goodie that I designed for M&S yonks ago, I saw it was still going strong a few weeks ago... (proud designer)

( copyright of Marks & Spencers )

And next up a christmas design I created for Hallmark Cards, I was so pleased with how these turned out and sent a few out myself at christmas....

( copyright of Hallmark Cards )

This card was another one that I had designed for Hallmark, with a cheery teapot on the front, but this one actually features my name, a little photo of me and my furry friend Marley and a little bio about me on the back, which is such a lovely touch, I felt really chuffed (and ever so slightly shy)

( Copyright of Hallmark 2014 )

Look its me and Marls!! Almost famous!!

LOVE is in the air!

Hello Everyone :-)

Well Valentines day is nearly with us! And my gosh, there is allot of LOVE in the air!!
I have sold ooodles of my new 'Vintage bus ticket card design'.

I had bought some old vintage bus ticket stubs through a shop on Etsy yonks ago and had felt really really inspired by them but didn't know exactly what I would do with them, to frame or not to frame? On coming across them again in a box in my January studio tidy up it sparked an idea for a great Valentines card, the couples journey through there life together, highlighting special events and so I came up with this........

( Copyright Button Box Cards Ltd 2014 )

Now Im onto my next idea for Fathers day and Mothers day cards (well at doodle stage anyway),
 I really want to create designs 
that have allot of meaning and create emotion and a smile :-)

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Its been a while, heres a little update....

Hello Blog land, I apologise for my lack of posts * bows down embarrassingly *
Things in the land of Button Box have been keeping me very busy since my last post back in March.

A nice bit of news, back in June I was shortlisted for the NOTHS Make awards with my feather baubles, sadly I didn't scoop the award but was so proud to even be nominated. The award ceremony was held at The Royal Opera house in London, which was amazing in itself!

I have just returned from a much needed break in Italy, Where we spent a holiday as part of our friends wedding Party. The back drop for there wedding was beautiful Tuscany, which was simply out of this world! My very talented husband, Steve, created all the bride and grooms stationary which went down a storm, and I was on hand as Wedding make up artist to the Bride (no pressure!)

From Tuscany we jumped on a train to Rome and spent our time there sightseeing and taking in the atmosphere and cobbled streets of Rome. Not to mention eating an awful lot of Pasta and Pizza, my trousers are certainly a lot tighter now!

So Im home now, and back to work on Saturday feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the on coming christmas season. I have created some brand new baubles this year, my personalised Origami star bauble, available from Mid October :-)

** Copyright Button Box Cards Ltd 2013 **

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Visit to the 'Lovely Lakes'

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is good in blog land.

I wanted to say hi and to Blog about my recent trip to the Lakes.

I went with a group of friends and stayed in beautiful Hawkshead in a house with great a view of the Lake which we woke up to every morning - bliss. It was only my second trip to the Lakes and I have completely fallen in love with it.
What better way to spend a week, we walked (allot) once loosing my walking shoe in some rather deep sticky mud, we ate pub lunches, drank hot chocolate (and wine) and mooched around lots of lovely gift shops.
We visited "The drunken duck" where my hot chocolate was accompanied with a ducky shortbread (i'm so easily pleased but It was a really nice touch)  And then we walked/climbed a bit more up "the old man of Coniston", well the girls went halfway but the boys went almost to the top all with my friends daughter Poppy in a walking backpack~ She seemed to love it!

It was a fabulous week and I cant wait to visit the 'lovely lakes' again sometime soon.
Having a week to recharge the batteries really helped and Im back at BB HQ ready and rearing to 
go again.

Pic 1: Lake Windermere Pic:2 katie and I Pic 3:Baby Poppy cute as a button
Pic 4: Lovely views of Coniston Pic 5: Our room with a View Pic 6: The Drunken Duck!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fathers day is on its way

Well fathers day is on its way and I have had this little beauty under development since January.
It will be available in my NOTHS and Etsy shop over the next few weeks, just need to stock up on
badge refills first

This card was inspired by my late salty sailor dad, being at sea, and compasses.
Because even though he is not around anymore he still helps me move in the right direction, So this ones for you dad :)

(copyright button box cards 2013)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Januarys here, time for new products and some snow!

Hello lovely bloggers, how has your January been?

After a lovely restful christmas following bauble mania, I was really rearing to go when January hit.
Lots of new product ideas and occasions on the horizon to design for.
So here are a few of my new products for 2013.......

 ( Second wedding anniversary card_ copyright button box cards 2013)

 ( A star is born new baby card, new to my NOTHS shop but its been around for a while now
copyright button box cards 2013)

 ( New personalised valentines Recipe card, seems to be going down a storm so far 
copyright button box cards 2013)
( NEW personalised voucher pouch- vintage map style. Copyright button box cards 2013)

I have also been busy updating my Etsy shop so have a little goosey with a cup of tea.

January has also bought the big 'S' yes a shed load of snow! I absolutely must mention it as it is the British thing to do it seems! I used to hate the thought of snow after the last lot we had, there where several 'hairy' journeys to work in my ice-skate on wheels (my car hates snow!) But now that my commute consists of walking from one room to another the snow is lovely :)

So lovely people I hope you enjoy the snow this weekend, build a snowman, go sledging, drink hot chocolate and venture on nice Narnia walks. Ta ta for now. xxx

( My new fox wellies- I love them!)

Monday, 24 December 2012

My Range for M&P

Well although I no longer work for Mamas and Papas its still nice to duck in and have a nosey at my ranges on the website, heres a little selection of some of the goodies I designed for M&P :) I think I shall quite miss designing Welcome to the world xxx

Bauble Mania- Its a wrap!

Photo 1: NOTHS double page spread, eeek. Photo 2: Our house turns into a feather fest- printed feathers everywhere. Photo 3: Personalised baubles galore. Photo 4: Marley keeps an eye on the
work force through the giant bubble wrap tube. Photo 5: Many, many visits to my lovely local post
office with parcels galore, I gave santa a run for his money. Photo 6: The end is in sight, clink clink!

What a busy few months its been, Bauble mania has finally drawn to a close, and I have just placed my very own Dad feather bauble on my own Tree :) Its safe to say the baubles went down very well and I had allot of lovely follow up emails and even a thank-you card from my NOTHS customers. If you had asked me a week ago if I was going to be doing them again next xmas I would have maybe said no 
after seeing so many of them, but I am already having enquiries for people wanting to order for next christmas so I think they will be back again next year after all!

I just want to say a quick thank-you to my friends and family for all there help, and to Marley my british blue cat who managed to only consume 3 feathers out of at-least 2,000.

Well Heres wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous new year xxxx

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Festive Times and missing loved ones

Well the festive season is well and truly upon us and I am officially drowning in bauble orders, Eeek!

Some of the stories that have come in with the bauble orders are truly touching and sad.
I have had an overwhelming amount come through as Memorial baubles, still born babies, lost twins,
mums, dads, grandmas, grandads. Its certainly made me think about the loss of my own dad and tears have been present when doing lots of dad baubles for lots of customers. My own feather Dad bauble will certainly be donning my tree this year, I will never forget the little white feather I found the day after he died laid on my doorstep :)

Sorry this post has taken a somber note, but Its this time of year (as well as others) that we think of the people that cant be with us anymore. It has been a privilege to make these baubles in memory of special people.


My Dad 

Friday, 19 October 2012

My baubles are back!

Hello lovely bloggers.

You may have seen these little beauties last christmas when I first launched them, but for those of you that haven't...introducing my glass personalised feather baubles!
They are now available in my NOTHS shop:

(copyright Button Box Cards 2011-2012)
The bauble has a white feather inside which is personalised with hand rubber stamping in the name or word of your choice up to 7 characters. They are great to put a loved ones name on, mum, dad etc.
Last year a few people put the names of people they may have lost on there feather, its a nice way to remember someone special :) 

Have a great weekend folks x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

New items in my Etsy shop

Just swooping in to tell you all I have just added a few more items to my Etsy shop.
Pop in and have a nosey :)

Elise x

Monday, 15 October 2012

Letterpress Love


This weekend myself the husband went off to learn the beautiful art of letterpress at the West Yorkshire print studio! What a fabulous weekend, we had two days there learning how to letterpress with old wooden type and teeny tiny metal type. Well strictly speaking I didn't have a go at the teeny tiny type, I didn't have the patience where as my other half loved the detail involved. I spent my two days with the wooden type and loved every minute, perfecting my technique as I went.

 (wooden printing blocks)
( My first go)
( My hubby inking up his creation)
 ( some of the posters I made, experimenting on different card stock)

I also made a letter press poster to hang in Pea studio (button box HQ) above is the type before printing.

Another added bonus about the course was meeting other lovely designers and a fab teacher- new friends where definitely made :) We all had a swop off at the end of day two, sharing out and swopping the posters we had made, its safe to say our house is going to be Letterpress central, I just want to frame them all!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

New items in my Etsy shop....

Hello all, just a quick blog update to tell you that I have just uploaded new christmas card designs to my
Etsy shop, please pop over and have a look. I know its only October but theres nothing like being organised :)
 ( copyright Button Box Cards 2012 )
 ( copyright Button Box Cards 2012 )
( copyright Button Box Cards 2012 )

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Christmas is on its way...


Christmas is well and truly on its way, well its certainly hit the shops anyway!

..and I have been working on a few christmas goodies for my NOTHS shop
Here is one of my christmas card designs with a little 3d nordic wooden button,
im offering personalisation so you can add who its to!

 copyright Button Box Cards 2012
 copyright Button Box Cards 2012
 copyright Button Box Cards 2012

I have also been working on personalised voucher pouches for all those people that give money and vouchers at christmas, this is a good way to pretty up your gift :)
They are available in green and red.
Im going to get cracking on some more ideas now, Itching to do another xmas card design.

Ta ta for now x

Friday, 5 October 2012

You are always on my mind

2 years today was the sad day my dad was taken away.
Never has a day passed since that day that I haven't thought of him, laughed at funny memories we shared and cried at the fact there wont be any new ones.

I dont know if they can access blogs on the spiritual plane but heres hoping...
My salty sailer Dad, Miss you more than words can say, I hope your sailing around where ever
you are with sea air in your face, the place you loved the most!
I took your advice that "life's for the living", "grab it with both hands", "this isn't a rehearsal ", I took the plunge, I hope I make you proud. MM xxxx

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

New posters available

Ooops how could I forget, I had been designing some new personalised posters before my holiday.
They have a vintage map background and say "LOVE" in bold chunky aubergine text.
The posters read "all you need is love, all you need is love, love, love is all you need"
and are personalised with the names and wedding dates of the recipient. I thought these would
make great wedding prezzies. I have also designed a HOME version with the Wizard of OZ quote
"theres no place like home underneath" 

(copyright button box cards 2012)

A little BB Update..

Hello lovely bloggers.

I am just back from a week off, the hubby and I went to Portugal for a week for sun and rest, we got the rest but sadly the sun was only present on two days :( Ahh well it was good to recharge the batteries and read a couple of books.

I read the NOTHS book while I was away- Build your business from your kitchen table, and I must say it was such an inspiring read and was packed full of great tips, I would recommend reading it to anyone who is starting there own business.

Yesterday was the first day back in BB HQ and it felt nice to get back to my cards with Marley for company. I have been getting started with my new christmas card designs and products, which I will show you as soon as there ready.

( Studio buddy Marley- Taking a snooze under the blanket )

Monday, 17 September 2012

Free giveaway...

Hello everyone, just wanted to nip into blog land and let you know I'm having a free giveaway on my Facebook page (button box cards) so come on over and enter, there is a lovely "love" or "home" poster up for grabs ;)

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Twitter....feels like my first day at school

Oops also thought I should also mention me joining twitter!

So last week I joined twitter with the help of my hubby......and it feels like the first day of school.
Stood at the school gates with my Button Box Lunch box feeling shy! I have gathered a few new
school friends but have a long way to go. So if you are on twitter and see me in the playground please come over and say hello: @buttonboxcards

Back to work.....

Well its 8am and I am up ready to start my day.

This week I am working for M&P on a freelance basis, I was working in house on Tuesdays and god did it feel weird to be wearing a visitors badge and to be refered to as freelance, eeek I like it!
I got a lot of double takes, and "oooh cant you stay away"
It was great to see my old team again. I was also given a belated leaving present from a friend of mine Louise and its amazing!
Its a Marley tea towel, it looks just like my cat but a little less fluffy! So this is now hung in the kitchen, never to be used, no mucky food hands are allowed anywhere near it!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Oh so much to share with you.

It was my last week at M&P last week, and after 9 years with the company as you can image it was an emotional goodbye. I was fully spoilt by my team, to start with they decorated my desk in a whole manner of things...

The postage stamp bunting they bought me was fantastic, that was a little joke as ever since my 
NOTHS launch I have spent every lunchtime at the post office :)

They had this little badge made for me to, it said "Just done 9 years", Apparently they had to explain to the maker and seller of these personalised badges that i was in fact leaving a company and hadn't just got out of prison-ha ha! 
 When the afternoon came I was showered with loads of lovely prezzies and given a fantastic leaving presentation which I blubbed my way through. It was utterly embarrassing crying in front of that many people but it was sad to think of leaving everyone behind.

One of my best friends from work (the talented Nicola Pea) Went on to read me a poem she had written all about moi- that tipped me over the edge into serious crying mode! Here's a tiny little snippet...(it was long and some of it is to personal to share)

Designer extraordinaire with a creative flare,
the buttons go here and the ribbons go there,
what will we do without you to arrange the supply,
looking for trims might be a lucky surprise.

We've enjoyed many nights out and of course the regular fuddle
trips to Paris and London and through a massive Scottish puddle!

In a hotel overnight then usually how it went was
I cant sleep in my room the walls are thinner than a tent!
a snorer, a cult, a noisy neighbour or two, knock knock, "oh hello can I please share with you."

So Elise we do love you,we know you do like, I perfect friendship that we all did strike.
You have been great to work with and so much fun, we just want you to know we will all miss you a tonne xx

I will really treasure this poem.

So I have flown the nest and Its time to give Button Box my all, I'm so excited about the future and so grateful to all the great friends and customers I have for there support and encouragement. 

Goodbye m&p and years of "Welcome to the world" its been emotional :) xxx

Monday, 6 August 2012

Exciting times.....

Hello Blog land, its been a while!

Ooh so much to share with you. As of 2 weeks ago...drum roll please......I handed my notice in at my day job where I have been working as a designer for 9 years! Im going to be heading out into the big wide world of self employment so that I can focus on Button Box Cards and freelancing for lots of lovely companies. Im so excited!

Im really enjoying selling on NOTHS and cant wait to upload a load of new products in autumn. There just haven't been enough hours in the day recently and I have been sporting match sticks in my eyes to keep them open :)

So watch this space, exciting times ahead I hope.


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Happy fathers day to my dad

Well I couldn't let today pass without recognising what a great dad I had, so to you my salty sailor dad, I miss you so much and cherish the memories I have of you. You where funny, adventurous, kind and so loving. This ones for you Dad xxx

The ship of life - by John T Baker

Along the shore I spy a ship 
As she sets out to sea; 
She spreads her sails and sniffs the breeze 
And slips away from me. 

I watch her fading image shrink, 
As she moves on and on, 
Until at last she's but a speck, 
Then someone says, She's gone.

Gone where? Gone only from our sight 
And from our farewell cries; 
That ship will somewhere reappear 
To other eager eyes. 

Beyond the dim horizon's rim 
Resound the welcome drums, 
And while we're crying, There she goes!
They're shouting, Here she comes!

We're built to cruise for but a while 
Upon this trackless sea 
Until one day we sail away 
Into infinity.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hi All,
Just had to pop into blog land to say I am sooooo excited to be featured in the NOTHS Fathers day brochure...yay me! It will be winging its way to 550,000 customers next week.

Please look out for Button Box Cards on page 5 of the brochure where my fathers day medal card is featured, its so near the front page, I'm so thrilled!

(Such a happy bunny!)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Button box update....

Hello blog land.
At last we have had some long awaited sunshine and the opportunity to step outside without a coat on, wahoo!

This weekend me and the hubby went off to tropical world in Leeds, what a bargain for £3 entry, lots to see including the butterfly room where I was privaliged to have a giant tropical butterfly land on my hand.... I'm such a girl but it was sooo pretty!

Today I have been sorting out button box studio as it had got quite overloaded to say the least. So now I am feeling cleansed, tidy and ready to get cracking with some new card designs.

NOTHS continues to go well with my best sellers being my personalised weddings cards.

Hope you all had a great weekend.:)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Not On The High street Launch!

OOOh its exciting times at Button Box headquarters, last Friday I launched on NOTHS!

I am so excited to be on there having loved there website for ages!
At the moment I have 9 products on uploaded, mostly cards and then wooden gift tags/favours and a selection of cupcake flags.

I have stacks of ideas for products in the pipeline alot of which are all ready to be photographed but I just can never seem to get a nice sunny day to photograph my goodies :(

So watch this space, lots of more products to come, eeek I'm excited!!


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Oooh thank you, I have won a Liebster blog award

Thanks so much to "the life and times of minky P noo"
blog for nominating me for the Liebster blog award! Im am muchos happy and very flattered.

I now need to chose 5 brilliant blogs with under 200 followers to pass the award on to....
Tick...tock...Tick...tock, I need to have a little think xx

Friday, 6 April 2012

Time for a catch up!

Oh dear, I havent posted since February, sorry!

Its been very busy at Button Box Cards head quarters making lots of cards, gift tags and cupcake flags to name but a few! My Etsy shop is now ticking over nicely which is great ( I do love Etsy) and I have even had orders for Australia which is very exciting.

We are also under going a new kitchen so our house so it is upside down, messy and full of! Its half way there now but we had a blooper with the paint, we where going for Farrow & Balls "Blackend" which turned out more like "baby blue" which was a massive clash with the units, opps. So last night was a mad dash to choose another shade, fingers crossed the new ones looks ok! Marley is hating the upheaval and can often be found hiding in the bath away from the kitchen noise of drilling and banging!

Well thats all for now, I hope you all have a fabulous Easter weekend full of lots of eggy goodness.