Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hi All,
Just had to pop into blog land to say I am sooooo excited to be featured in the NOTHS Fathers day brochure...yay me! It will be winging its way to 550,000 customers next week.

Please look out for Button Box Cards on page 5 of the brochure where my fathers day medal card is featured, its so near the front page, I'm so thrilled!

(Such a happy bunny!)

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Button box update....

Hello blog land.
At last we have had some long awaited sunshine and the opportunity to step outside without a coat on, wahoo!

This weekend me and the hubby went off to tropical world in Leeds, what a bargain for £3 entry, lots to see including the butterfly room where I was privaliged to have a giant tropical butterfly land on my hand.... I'm such a girl but it was sooo pretty!

Today I have been sorting out button box studio as it had got quite overloaded to say the least. So now I am feeling cleansed, tidy and ready to get cracking with some new card designs.

NOTHS continues to go well with my best sellers being my personalised weddings cards.

Hope you all had a great weekend.:)

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Not On The High street Launch!

OOOh its exciting times at Button Box headquarters, last Friday I launched on NOTHS!

I am so excited to be on there having loved there website for ages!
At the moment I have 9 products on uploaded, mostly cards and then wooden gift tags/favours and a selection of cupcake flags.

I have stacks of ideas for products in the pipeline alot of which are all ready to be photographed but I just can never seem to get a nice sunny day to photograph my goodies :(

So watch this space, lots of more products to come, eeek I'm excited!!