Thursday, 26 September 2013

Its been a while, heres a little update....

Hello Blog land, I apologise for my lack of posts * bows down embarrassingly *
Things in the land of Button Box have been keeping me very busy since my last post back in March.

A nice bit of news, back in June I was shortlisted for the NOTHS Make awards with my feather baubles, sadly I didn't scoop the award but was so proud to even be nominated. The award ceremony was held at The Royal Opera house in London, which was amazing in itself!

I have just returned from a much needed break in Italy, Where we spent a holiday as part of our friends wedding Party. The back drop for there wedding was beautiful Tuscany, which was simply out of this world! My very talented husband, Steve, created all the bride and grooms stationary which went down a storm, and I was on hand as Wedding make up artist to the Bride (no pressure!)

From Tuscany we jumped on a train to Rome and spent our time there sightseeing and taking in the atmosphere and cobbled streets of Rome. Not to mention eating an awful lot of Pasta and Pizza, my trousers are certainly a lot tighter now!

So Im home now, and back to work on Saturday feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the on coming christmas season. I have created some brand new baubles this year, my personalised Origami star bauble, available from Mid October :-)

** Copyright Button Box Cards Ltd 2013 **

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Visit to the 'Lovely Lakes'

Hello Everyone, I hope everyone is good in blog land.

I wanted to say hi and to Blog about my recent trip to the Lakes.

I went with a group of friends and stayed in beautiful Hawkshead in a house with great a view of the Lake which we woke up to every morning - bliss. It was only my second trip to the Lakes and I have completely fallen in love with it.
What better way to spend a week, we walked (allot) once loosing my walking shoe in some rather deep sticky mud, we ate pub lunches, drank hot chocolate (and wine) and mooched around lots of lovely gift shops.
We visited "The drunken duck" where my hot chocolate was accompanied with a ducky shortbread (i'm so easily pleased but It was a really nice touch)  And then we walked/climbed a bit more up "the old man of Coniston", well the girls went halfway but the boys went almost to the top all with my friends daughter Poppy in a walking backpack~ She seemed to love it!

It was a fabulous week and I cant wait to visit the 'lovely lakes' again sometime soon.
Having a week to recharge the batteries really helped and Im back at BB HQ ready and rearing to 
go again.

Pic 1: Lake Windermere Pic:2 katie and I Pic 3:Baby Poppy cute as a button
Pic 4: Lovely views of Coniston Pic 5: Our room with a View Pic 6: The Drunken Duck!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fathers day is on its way

Well fathers day is on its way and I have had this little beauty under development since January.
It will be available in my NOTHS and Etsy shop over the next few weeks, just need to stock up on
badge refills first

This card was inspired by my late salty sailor dad, being at sea, and compasses.
Because even though he is not around anymore he still helps me move in the right direction, So this ones for you dad :)

(copyright button box cards 2013)

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Januarys here, time for new products and some snow!

Hello lovely bloggers, how has your January been?

After a lovely restful christmas following bauble mania, I was really rearing to go when January hit.
Lots of new product ideas and occasions on the horizon to design for.
So here are a few of my new products for 2013.......

 ( Second wedding anniversary card_ copyright button box cards 2013)

 ( A star is born new baby card, new to my NOTHS shop but its been around for a while now
copyright button box cards 2013)

 ( New personalised valentines Recipe card, seems to be going down a storm so far 
copyright button box cards 2013)
( NEW personalised voucher pouch- vintage map style. Copyright button box cards 2013)

I have also been busy updating my Etsy shop so have a little goosey with a cup of tea.

January has also bought the big 'S' yes a shed load of snow! I absolutely must mention it as it is the British thing to do it seems! I used to hate the thought of snow after the last lot we had, there where several 'hairy' journeys to work in my ice-skate on wheels (my car hates snow!) But now that my commute consists of walking from one room to another the snow is lovely :)

So lovely people I hope you enjoy the snow this weekend, build a snowman, go sledging, drink hot chocolate and venture on nice Narnia walks. Ta ta for now. xxx

( My new fox wellies- I love them!)