Monday, 28 February 2011

One for the "buoys"

                                                             Another of my creations....
                                                      Copyright Button Box Cards 2011

Sunday is Card making day....

I had a very productive Sunday this weekend making an order of cards.

My brief was that the cards should be blank without a message or should have a generic message both for male and female. Have a look and see what you think.
Would love feedback so feel free to post your comments!

 Copyright Button Box Cards 2011

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lovely finds on etsy...

Having a lazy Saturday morning today after a tiring week at work. So Im using my morning to have a brew and browse the lovely Etsy.

There are so many cute badges around that it has inspired me to make some in a Button Box style to market myself and give away as freebies-so its time to dust off the "Badge it" machine and get making-keep your eyes peeled for those, will upload them when I have made them.

Heres a few lovely finds by some very talented people!

Look at this fabulous cushion by pilosale -Me likey!!

Love these little pins, lovely for wedding favours!


Thursday, 24 February 2011

My floral tapes have arrived!!

It is that time of year at work at the moment where its gets mega busy with designing and my cards have to take abit of a back seat (until the weekends anyway) however I rolled in at 7.30pm last night after a long day to be handed a parcel by Hubby-it was my floral tape from Etsy!!!
Despite seriously heavy eye lids and the urge to just flop on the sofa I couldn't wait to have a play with the tapes! Here's my first little go at using it for a mothers day card! It needs work and I want to add buttons and diamante but its a good start, thought the tape looked really effective!
(Also excuse that the photo is abit dark as used my phone to take it.)

P.s Will upload the final specimen when I get back to it at the weekend x

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Another exciting Etsy purchase!

Ordered these stamps from Norajane on Etsy last night-cant wait to use them on my cards! My hubby bought me a lovely little selection of them for christmas so i'm getting abit addicted to rubber stamping! One of the stamps he got my was a little cluster of buttons which is coming in handy alot for stamping any stationary related to buttonboxcards!

My heart belongs to Alderney....

I Wanted to show you the beautiful place a grew up, Alderney in the channel Islands.
Its such a pretty island and was the home to my dad for a very long time. Heres a few snaps I took last august, enjoy.


More Button Box creations

Hi all I thought I would upload some more Button Box Card creations.
Want to say a big thanks to Mark Van Spall @ MVS photography for photographing them for me-your a star Mark!
                                                                Birthday Recipe card

                                                            Thank-you teachers card.
Let them eat cake card.

All Button Box Cards Copyright 2011 to Elise Rowe

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sail away with me...

Last Button box upload for my first week in blog world!
Heres a simple applique boat card I made for a little boy called Matthew.

I Heart Doilys...

There seems to be a real doily trend across clothing and stationary at the moment. Heres a few beautiful doily bits a came across today....

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Some of the photos I took when it snowed at xmas

Marley Snowcat explorer!

S"NO"W thankyou

Oh no just woke up to lots of snow-it white over! Don't get me wrong snow makes everything look very pretty and i love a good sledging session but since two scary skidding car experiences recently i'm not to keen!! One involved me careering down a massive hill sideways in my car-not fun unless your on a sledge. Plus its come dine with me tonight so I want them all to be able to get here... So SNOW GO AWAY!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Come dine with me

I have a group of friends coming round tomorrow night for our second round of come dine with me! Were doing a version where we all do a different course at each night, rotating the venue and scoring at the end of the night and putting into sealed envelopes. The last one was to a very high standard so i'm expecting the same from tomorrow. Luckily My husband is an excellent cook so he is going to be rustling up the main course-will let you all know how its gone on sunday.
Thought I would do my bit by doing something crafty for the evening so i'm going to make some place names tonight-pictures to follow.

See above one of the hand stamped place names I made for Lucy goose at come dine with me.

A little bit of lovely-ness

Heres a few bits of lovely-ness I found browsing Etsy a while back.

Loving this photography!!
Check out this link for amazing photographer Irina Werning- Love the way she has recreated old photos with the same people years later! Take a goosey.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Home Sweet home-by button box cards

Heres a card I was commissioned to make for a new home.

Plus an engagement card I made with die cut edging.

....and finally a male birthday card.
all by Button Box cards-2011

Toodle pip card

Here is a card I made for my good friend Gill when she left her job for pastures new. On this picture I have laid all the bits and pieces on the card first before I sew it all into place.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Sew in love with this...

Found this little beauty on a blog some time ago!
What a cute sewing kit.

Wedding Bells

There is a real bridal wave hitting my team at work at the moment and it seems we are all getting married one by one. Today the talk turned to which dresses everyone is having for there big day. It took me back to when I was picking my dress-It was a Jenny Packham dress and Im still in love with it to this day! Check out the bead work at the back, its amazing!

Its good to Recycle old things

I Stumbled across this the other day when I was blog hopping! Love the concept of a little notebook made up of a mix of old papers, doileys and letters etc.
Talking of recycling my mum bought me these cute mini jams for xmas and Im reusing the jars to store my bits and pieces in this case-my sparkles (diamantes)

Well Done you!

I made this card a while ago for a client using a "badge it" machine to create a 3d badge for the front of the card! I hand stamped the wording onto the badge and die cut the edge which creates a really beautiful effect.

More Valentines cards by me...