Thursday, 24 February 2011

My floral tapes have arrived!!

It is that time of year at work at the moment where its gets mega busy with designing and my cards have to take abit of a back seat (until the weekends anyway) however I rolled in at 7.30pm last night after a long day to be handed a parcel by Hubby-it was my floral tape from Etsy!!!
Despite seriously heavy eye lids and the urge to just flop on the sofa I couldn't wait to have a play with the tapes! Here's my first little go at using it for a mothers day card! It needs work and I want to add buttons and diamante but its a good start, thought the tape looked really effective!
(Also excuse that the photo is abit dark as used my phone to take it.)

P.s Will upload the final specimen when I get back to it at the weekend x

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