Monday, 17 September 2012

Free giveaway...

Hello everyone, just wanted to nip into blog land and let you know I'm having a free giveaway on my Facebook page (button box cards) so come on over and enter, there is a lovely "love" or "home" poster up for grabs ;)

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Twitter....feels like my first day at school

Oops also thought I should also mention me joining twitter!

So last week I joined twitter with the help of my hubby......and it feels like the first day of school.
Stood at the school gates with my Button Box Lunch box feeling shy! I have gathered a few new
school friends but have a long way to go. So if you are on twitter and see me in the playground please come over and say hello: @buttonboxcards

Back to work.....

Well its 8am and I am up ready to start my day.

This week I am working for M&P on a freelance basis, I was working in house on Tuesdays and god did it feel weird to be wearing a visitors badge and to be refered to as freelance, eeek I like it!
I got a lot of double takes, and "oooh cant you stay away"
It was great to see my old team again. I was also given a belated leaving present from a friend of mine Louise and its amazing!
Its a Marley tea towel, it looks just like my cat but a little less fluffy! So this is now hung in the kitchen, never to be used, no mucky food hands are allowed anywhere near it!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Oh so much to share with you.

It was my last week at M&P last week, and after 9 years with the company as you can image it was an emotional goodbye. I was fully spoilt by my team, to start with they decorated my desk in a whole manner of things...

The postage stamp bunting they bought me was fantastic, that was a little joke as ever since my 
NOTHS launch I have spent every lunchtime at the post office :)

They had this little badge made for me to, it said "Just done 9 years", Apparently they had to explain to the maker and seller of these personalised badges that i was in fact leaving a company and hadn't just got out of prison-ha ha! 
 When the afternoon came I was showered with loads of lovely prezzies and given a fantastic leaving presentation which I blubbed my way through. It was utterly embarrassing crying in front of that many people but it was sad to think of leaving everyone behind.

One of my best friends from work (the talented Nicola Pea) Went on to read me a poem she had written all about moi- that tipped me over the edge into serious crying mode! Here's a tiny little snippet...(it was long and some of it is to personal to share)

Designer extraordinaire with a creative flare,
the buttons go here and the ribbons go there,
what will we do without you to arrange the supply,
looking for trims might be a lucky surprise.

We've enjoyed many nights out and of course the regular fuddle
trips to Paris and London and through a massive Scottish puddle!

In a hotel overnight then usually how it went was
I cant sleep in my room the walls are thinner than a tent!
a snorer, a cult, a noisy neighbour or two, knock knock, "oh hello can I please share with you."

So Elise we do love you,we know you do like, I perfect friendship that we all did strike.
You have been great to work with and so much fun, we just want you to know we will all miss you a tonne xx

I will really treasure this poem.

So I have flown the nest and Its time to give Button Box my all, I'm so excited about the future and so grateful to all the great friends and customers I have for there support and encouragement. 

Goodbye m&p and years of "Welcome to the world" its been emotional :) xxx