Sunday, 29 May 2011

See you soon xxx

Hey bloggers,

Am having a few deserved weeks off from designing baby clothes and cards to put my feet up and have some time with my other half. So I probably wont be posting for a week or two so see you all soon. Hoping to return to blog land relaxed and inspired.

Lots of Love Elise and Mr moo xx

( Marleys putting his paw up giving a little wave )

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Im turning 30...eeeek!!

Today was my "work birthday" as i'm not in for my actual birthday next week! Im going to be the big 30 (eeek scary!) My friends at work made such a lovely fuss of me decorating my desk in balloons and banners and treating me to lovely gifts-they baked me fairy cakes complete with pink glitter-Amazing, lovely chocolate brownies and a henry caterpillar cake to-complete with sparklers and the number 30!
I am so blessed to have gained so many great friends at work over my 8 years there and have been completely and utterly spoilt!!

** Amazing fresh pink peony in floating vase! **

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Anniversary Jar x

I have finished a jar I have been working on-its called 25 years in a jar! Its a Silver wedding anniversary present for a friends Hubby. It includes, family photos, a hand made bank note which reads 25 more more years of happiness, a silver heart, there wedding song lyrics on a scroll, some lip balm for many more kisses, there families thumb prints on a little passport. These are just a few of the things hand made and gift wrapped inside the jar.

** Copyright belongs to Button Box Cards **

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

sneaky peek of save the dates...

Here are a few pics of the Save the date tags I have been working on for lovely bride to be Nikki.
(sorry the photos are a little dark, I took them at night on my phone)
She wanted a really subtle elegant design and I think the lace has worked well with a hint of sparkle from the single crystal. I  Will be cracking on with the main invite soon as the wedding dates been bought forward-exciting stuff x

** Copyright belongs to Button Box Cards  **

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Productive day

Oooh I have had a very productive day today, have managed to finish all the save the dates I am making for the lovely Nikki (photos to follow as I want her to get first dibs on seeing them before I pop them on here.) I also made all the envelopes by HAND to match the save the date size exactly...that took some time but i'm really chuffed with the out come.

I have also been making a selection of cards including, new baby and birthdays. One of the cards is for a friend who loves Skulls!

** Copyright belongs to Button Box Cards 2011 **

This style also worked really well on a mum birthday card.

** Copyright belongs to Button Box Cards 2011 **

Right time for some sunday night chill time now, sofa, vino, Marley mog and a chic flick!! Night Night x

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Down in the dumps

Hi bloggers..sorry for the lack of posts this week.
Have been having a bit of a low week, really missing my dad and still so shocked after loosing him to Cancer in October. Hoping time really does heal and that he is looking over me.
Miss you dad xx

p.s promise to get myself going again and get some more card creations on the go x

Monday, 16 May 2011

boo to the cold!!

What is up with all this rubbish weather? I miss the sunshine, I don't like the fact my feet are cold without socks on-considering turning the heating on (in may) xx brrrr

Sunday, 15 May 2011

personalised new home card

Heres a new home card I have been working on today. I have combined a hand stamped fabric badge with ribbons and Washi tape tails on a pinstripe background.

** Copyright of Button Box Cards **

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Pop-i-cok giveaway!

My good friend Dawn over at pop-i-cok is having a fabulous giveaway of this cute little bumble bee...
Get over and enter..he is just to cute xx

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

i know i'm a bit blog-tastic tonight but...

This is my third post of the night just keep finding things to blog about!
Just went onto The crumbs cupcakery website and they have featured the cakes they made for me to give to my Hubby on our wedding anniversary. I told her I called him Pea (thats his nick-name..long story) and she came up with a great selection of cupcakes including the one below complete with little peas!! They where so tasty, the husband was made to share them with me i'm afraid!

blog swop shop...

I have been thinking for a while that it might be nice to set up a BIG BLOG SWAP OFF!
What are your thoughts?
It would involve me writing a post explaining the idea and that any blogger/crafters who wanted to get involved could put up there hand. People would explain what they would like to swap and then I would pair up people to swap there wares? When we had all the volunteers names they could go into a hat and be picked out at random-so then we had our blog swap pairs.
Thought it would be a nice way of swapping our goodies?

Any feedback would be great, just an idea at the moment but thought it could be fun?

Elise x

Baby girl card

I made this card over the weekend requested by a friend of mine for a new baby called Zoe!
Think it turned out really cute with the spotty background and its a little different from my usual style which is usually very clean and white.
** Copyright of Button Box Cards 2011 **

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Button Box Cards..

Today I have been beavering away making cards orders for people.
See below a little selection including a birthday card (using a badge detail), Anniversary card,  and two wedding cards. One of the wedding cards is a design I did ages ago but I wanted to update it so have added the ribbon wrap through detail.

** All card designs copyright of Button Box Cards 2011 **

Friday, 6 May 2011

Button Box Headquarters...

I had noticed that people blogged about there work spaces and thought I would have a go myself! Its nice to have a little nosey into other peoples craft space....heres a little bit of mine x

** Button Box Cards Headquarters **

Thursday, 5 May 2011

I heart Washi Tape

Uh-oh I think I am becoming ever so slightly obsessed with Japanese Washi Tape! Its just lovely.
I ordered this little selection from Etsy a little while ago and when it arrived last night I was straight into using it on an anniversary jar for a Man.

My Etsy tape
 The anniversary jar I am working on
Now I have seen more that I want...
 Etsy-Leboxboutique-Washi Tape-
Its just so versatile....

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Home sweet home in a tin.....

  Last night I got to work on starting a project for a friend. Her daughter is going to india on a school trip and she loved my wedding in a jar and wanted me to do something similar that would fit neatly in her rucksack! So "viola" "home sweet home in a tin" was born. I have used a tin underneith and covered it in hand stamped brown paper. I haven't filled it yet but its going to be full of goodies individually tagged including- a tea bag- "fancy a brew", a family photo, favorite sweets-"sweets for my sweet", lip balm-"for kisses from the family to name but a few. Really enjoy making these there such good fun.

Cotton Baked by Lulu

Hello there.
Just had to blog about this lovely little calico character I have purchased from Nikki Pea. Ive bought it for a good friend of mines birthday who I know will love the little fella! Nikki sells a whole variety of funky characters in her Etsy shop so check them out-there ace!
She also has a lovely blog to....

** Copyright of Cotton Baked by Lulu **

Monday, 2 May 2011

Bunting...glorious bunting...

I got abit of bunting fever today and made a load of bunting out of fabric scraps to brighten up the garden, thought it would be nice to have out when we have our next bbq!

Hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine x

New baby card

Hey, here is a new baby card I made last week-Kept forgetting to pop it one here!
Its made up of type, hand stamped little feet prints, a bow and crystal.

*** Copyright of Button Box Cards 2011 ***

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Yipeee......fantastic giveaways!

Hi all, what a lovely few days of sunshine, not to mention the royal wedding! Had a wedding marathon in our household watching all the wedding coverage over a tipple of the sparkley stuff to celebrate and toast Wills and Kate! Hope you all enjoyed it, did anyone have a wedding party?

I want to spread the word of two blog giveaways that are happening at the moment by two very talented ladys. The first Jenny Arnott she has the most amazing selection of cupcake textile goodies to giveaway-so what you waiting for get on over there and enter!!
The second giveaway is by Ellie at Butterscotch beige who is giving away beautiful Limited edition vintage bunting, great for garden partys!