Friday, 6 May 2011

Button Box Headquarters...

I had noticed that people blogged about there work spaces and thought I would have a go myself! Its nice to have a little nosey into other peoples craft space....heres a little bit of mine x

** Button Box Cards Headquarters **


  1. I'm jelous :) it looks beautifully organised and inspiring! x

  2. Love your Headquarters, mine is bursting at the seams. I need to finish renovating my 200yrs old charantaise house so we can move into it and I can have a large room just for my bits and bobs... love your new photo...

  3. Thanks Helen and Catherine.
    Catherine-your house sounds amazing, love period property and in France to-total bliss! (decided to change my photo as the old one was very winter with the wooly hat-and its summer now!)

  4. Hi Elise! I found you...:D Your cards are so beautiful- I am thinking cake/card swaps may be on the cards! In fact I think I saw one you must have done for Lucy once. GORGEOUS! Also, I must say your little home studio space is awesome - it reminds me of my uni days and having a space to decorate with inspring things. Thanks for blogging about Crumbs Cupcakery - I appreciate the Cupcake love xxx