Saturday, 28 May 2011

Im turning 30...eeeek!!

Today was my "work birthday" as i'm not in for my actual birthday next week! Im going to be the big 30 (eeek scary!) My friends at work made such a lovely fuss of me decorating my desk in balloons and banners and treating me to lovely gifts-they baked me fairy cakes complete with pink glitter-Amazing, lovely chocolate brownies and a henry caterpillar cake to-complete with sparklers and the number 30!
I am so blessed to have gained so many great friends at work over my 8 years there and have been completely and utterly spoilt!!

** Amazing fresh pink peony in floating vase! **


  1. How lovely is that peony in a vase?

    Happy birthday for next week x

  2. Can't believe you've been there 8 years!!!
    Have a fab birthday old lady! xxx