Friday, 19 October 2012

My baubles are back!

Hello lovely bloggers.

You may have seen these little beauties last christmas when I first launched them, but for those of you that haven't...introducing my glass personalised feather baubles!
They are now available in my NOTHS shop:

(copyright Button Box Cards 2011-2012)
The bauble has a white feather inside which is personalised with hand rubber stamping in the name or word of your choice up to 7 characters. They are great to put a loved ones name on, mum, dad etc.
Last year a few people put the names of people they may have lost on there feather, its a nice way to remember someone special :) 

Have a great weekend folks x

Thursday, 18 October 2012

New items in my Etsy shop

Just swooping in to tell you all I have just added a few more items to my Etsy shop.
Pop in and have a nosey :)

Elise x

Monday, 15 October 2012

Letterpress Love


This weekend myself the husband went off to learn the beautiful art of letterpress at the West Yorkshire print studio! What a fabulous weekend, we had two days there learning how to letterpress with old wooden type and teeny tiny metal type. Well strictly speaking I didn't have a go at the teeny tiny type, I didn't have the patience where as my other half loved the detail involved. I spent my two days with the wooden type and loved every minute, perfecting my technique as I went.

 (wooden printing blocks)
( My first go)
( My hubby inking up his creation)
 ( some of the posters I made, experimenting on different card stock)

I also made a letter press poster to hang in Pea studio (button box HQ) above is the type before printing.

Another added bonus about the course was meeting other lovely designers and a fab teacher- new friends where definitely made :) We all had a swop off at the end of day two, sharing out and swopping the posters we had made, its safe to say our house is going to be Letterpress central, I just want to frame them all!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

New items in my Etsy shop....

Hello all, just a quick blog update to tell you that I have just uploaded new christmas card designs to my
Etsy shop, please pop over and have a look. I know its only October but theres nothing like being organised :)
 ( copyright Button Box Cards 2012 )
 ( copyright Button Box Cards 2012 )
( copyright Button Box Cards 2012 )

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Christmas is on its way...


Christmas is well and truly on its way, well its certainly hit the shops anyway!

..and I have been working on a few christmas goodies for my NOTHS shop
Here is one of my christmas card designs with a little 3d nordic wooden button,
im offering personalisation so you can add who its to!

 copyright Button Box Cards 2012
 copyright Button Box Cards 2012
 copyright Button Box Cards 2012

I have also been working on personalised voucher pouches for all those people that give money and vouchers at christmas, this is a good way to pretty up your gift :)
They are available in green and red.
Im going to get cracking on some more ideas now, Itching to do another xmas card design.

Ta ta for now x

Friday, 5 October 2012

You are always on my mind

2 years today was the sad day my dad was taken away.
Never has a day passed since that day that I haven't thought of him, laughed at funny memories we shared and cried at the fact there wont be any new ones.

I dont know if they can access blogs on the spiritual plane but heres hoping...
My salty sailer Dad, Miss you more than words can say, I hope your sailing around where ever
you are with sea air in your face, the place you loved the most!
I took your advice that "life's for the living", "grab it with both hands", "this isn't a rehearsal ", I took the plunge, I hope I make you proud. MM xxxx

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

New posters available

Ooops how could I forget, I had been designing some new personalised posters before my holiday.
They have a vintage map background and say "LOVE" in bold chunky aubergine text.
The posters read "all you need is love, all you need is love, love, love is all you need"
and are personalised with the names and wedding dates of the recipient. I thought these would
make great wedding prezzies. I have also designed a HOME version with the Wizard of OZ quote
"theres no place like home underneath" 

(copyright button box cards 2012)

A little BB Update..

Hello lovely bloggers.

I am just back from a week off, the hubby and I went to Portugal for a week for sun and rest, we got the rest but sadly the sun was only present on two days :( Ahh well it was good to recharge the batteries and read a couple of books.

I read the NOTHS book while I was away- Build your business from your kitchen table, and I must say it was such an inspiring read and was packed full of great tips, I would recommend reading it to anyone who is starting there own business.

Yesterday was the first day back in BB HQ and it felt nice to get back to my cards with Marley for company. I have been getting started with my new christmas card designs and products, which I will show you as soon as there ready.

( Studio buddy Marley- Taking a snooze under the blanket )