Friday, 5 October 2012

You are always on my mind

2 years today was the sad day my dad was taken away.
Never has a day passed since that day that I haven't thought of him, laughed at funny memories we shared and cried at the fact there wont be any new ones.

I dont know if they can access blogs on the spiritual plane but heres hoping...
My salty sailer Dad, Miss you more than words can say, I hope your sailing around where ever
you are with sea air in your face, the place you loved the most!
I took your advice that "life's for the living", "grab it with both hands", "this isn't a rehearsal ", I took the plunge, I hope I make you proud. MM xxxx


  1. What a lovely post...I lost my mum 12 years ago and I also think about her everyday and wonder what she would say to me in times of need!
    hope you have a day full of happy memories!

  2. I like to think we are watched over by loved ones that have past on. Sometime you can defo feel their love wrapped around you. I hope you had a lovely day of fabulous memeories. x

  3. Thanks Sally, Im so sorry to hear about your mum. Thanks for your lovely words, it was abit of a teary day. x

    Ric-Rac- Thanks for your kind words to, I think there around us, watching over us :) xxx