Monday, 15 October 2012

Letterpress Love


This weekend myself the husband went off to learn the beautiful art of letterpress at the West Yorkshire print studio! What a fabulous weekend, we had two days there learning how to letterpress with old wooden type and teeny tiny metal type. Well strictly speaking I didn't have a go at the teeny tiny type, I didn't have the patience where as my other half loved the detail involved. I spent my two days with the wooden type and loved every minute, perfecting my technique as I went.

 (wooden printing blocks)
( My first go)
( My hubby inking up his creation)
 ( some of the posters I made, experimenting on different card stock)

I also made a letter press poster to hang in Pea studio (button box HQ) above is the type before printing.

Another added bonus about the course was meeting other lovely designers and a fab teacher- new friends where definitely made :) We all had a swop off at the end of day two, sharing out and swopping the posters we had made, its safe to say our house is going to be Letterpress central, I just want to frame them all!


  1. Oh Wow...It looks sooo much fun! I'd love to have a go...

  2. We had a printing society at school which produced all the prorammes for concerts etc. We did both small lead type on a treadle Heidelberg and posters using the woodblock type.
    Thought you might like these pics of buttons I inherited from my Mum and have now done the very blokey thing of sorting themall out into bags by colour...