Tuesday, 2 October 2012

A little BB Update..

Hello lovely bloggers.

I am just back from a week off, the hubby and I went to Portugal for a week for sun and rest, we got the rest but sadly the sun was only present on two days :( Ahh well it was good to recharge the batteries and read a couple of books.

I read the NOTHS book while I was away- Build your business from your kitchen table, and I must say it was such an inspiring read and was packed full of great tips, I would recommend reading it to anyone who is starting there own business.

Yesterday was the first day back in BB HQ and it felt nice to get back to my cards with Marley for company. I have been getting started with my new christmas card designs and products, which I will show you as soon as there ready.

( Studio buddy Marley- Taking a snooze under the blanket )


  1. Marely is so cute... what I wouldn't give for a sneaky cuddle! Hope everything is going well with Button Box :) Helen x

  2. Thanks Helen, things are going great! He is one very cuddly fluff monster :)