Saturday, 2 July 2011


I am really loving all this sunny weather were having at the moment and am planning on attending the local village fete tomorrow (in a field) but theres one thing spoiling my fun..........HAYFEVER!! Hayfever is upon me at the moment and is driving me nuts! I cant finish a sentence without a sneeze and a nose blow!
I have tried tablets, nasal spray, eye drops, a electronic prong thing that goes up your nose, Vaseline etc.
If anyone has any great remedies please let me know...ahchoo!


  1. Salt water nasal spray, I find works a little, especially for the congestion part xxo

  2. I've only started getting hayfever in the last few years, which is highly annoying as again nothing I do seems to be able to stop it completely, I just have to live with it:( My symptoms tho are mainly sneezing, a sore throat and itchy eyes - have sorted the eyes out with sodium cromoglycate drops - they work a treat. As for the rest I've tried all sorts of tablets, throat sprays etc. and the only ones I've found do anything at all are the super expensive Benadryl ones that contain Acrivastine. Taken with ibuprofen they do work on my throat at least!! Hope you get it sorted, it really does take the fun out of the summer doesn't it!! x

  3. thanks ladies-gosh today has been off the scale!! Averaging 3 sneezes per minute..urghh! Will be having a try with the remedies you have suggested-thanks xx