Friday, 26 August 2011

My poor neglected blog

Feeling very naughty that I have been neglecting blog land and Pinterest recently!

Its that time again at work when we are starting to get manic with designing the new season, late nights are worked and bags under my eyes are the order of the day (not a good look)
However I have set up my Etsy shop (really need to get my goodies on there)
This week my cards also launched in a local shop and within a day half the stock was sold, so I'm very chuffed about that, need to get them restocked again!

I have also been working on selection of more 2d cards scanning in my textures-here's one below.
Think they will be very cute as mini notelets but must admit I am a 3d addict I love my bows and diamante so will be back to my crafty cards after these.

(copyright button box cards 2011)

Right I'm going to go off now and relax in front of a film, I hope you all have a lovely bank holiday break, fingers crossed for sunshine. xxx


  1. Congratulations on the shop selling so many of your cards, that's wonderful news! Your cards are exquisite so no wonder, but really great you are getting the recognition for it! I love the 2d version too - they would look lovely sold as a little pack :) Have a lovely weekend, hope you get some well deserved rest! xxx

  2. Thanks Jenny-you are always so lovely about my cards, thank-you!!
    Hope you had a fab weekend xx