Thursday, 3 November 2011

Special Wooden xmas tags

Heres a little sneak peek at the wooden Christmas gift tags I have been making.
I have hand stamped them and added ribbon ties. Thought they would be perfect for a special gift or even to hang from the tree.

(Copyright belongs to Button Box Cards 2011)


  1. Beautiful as always, your style is just up my street, I think they are just gorgeous! x

  2. I LOVE the style of alphabet stamp, is this another Etsy find? I think I'd like to invest in some!! xx

  3. Thanks Jenny-you are always so lovely about my creations! I liked you on facebook by the way, will you like my page to?

    Helen-thankyou (i see you have Liked button Box on FB-thankyou!)
    The alphabet stamps where from "The Range" about 2 years ago and they have stopped doing then now,boo! Maybe try ebay?xxx

  4. I adore your work, these are lovely and will make any gift that extra special x