Sunday, 26 June 2011

Some random things about me....

I was recently nominated the Kreativ blogger award by the lovely Jenny Arnott, I was so chuffed to receive it-thank you Jenny! I have been trying to think of 10 things about me that you may not know, it was harder that I thought, so here goes a little about me.

1. I really hate worms!! They seriously make me cringe, like chewing squeaky cotton wool cringe. They seem to be out to get me when I'm weeding in the garden and always manage to touch me-urgghhhh shudder just thinking about them.

2. I had my foot run over by a fire engine when I was 7. I was spinning in circles with my arms out got dizzy fell to the curb and a huge fire engine whizzed past and ran over my foot! Amazingly I didn't break a single bone-I mean how is that possible ?? Mum says is was down to fact I was wearing Clarks shoes, she always said they where good strong shoes!

3. I am an RSPCA volunteer and huge animal fan. I used to spend most weekends out and about walking a random mix of dog breeds for the RSPCA. The only problem being I fell in love with each and everyone of them and wanted to home them all with us...apart from this one dog, he looked like a wig on a lead-he had a full on centre parting and yapped allot.  Unfortunately I don't have as much spare time these days so don't dog walk anymore but still find time to fund raise and help raise money for them.

4. Probably not a surprise with this one but it is my ambition to Launch Button Box Cards properly as a full time job selling to lovely boutiques...and maybe in the future to Liberty's..well you have to dream big, right?

5. I have a list obsession and make lists for everything, shopping, holidays, to do lists, worry lists, i find its the best way to stay really organised-OCD? Maybe?

6. I Love a good scary film which is quite random really as I am such a girly girl so should really love chic flicks. None of my friends are into scary films so I have to watch them with my Hubby who is not over keen on them either.

7. I Love buttons and have been collecting them for years, I have jars full of them, oodles of them in all shapes and sizes. My final collection at University featured an all over button print on some girls trousers and I named my card label after Buttons to.

8. My mum and dad sailed around all over the place when I was little so I have grown up with a real love of sailing. They sailed the Med on a tiny sailing boat and in later life my dad sailed all the way from the channel island to the Caribbean. His story's about his journey where so fascinating and I always said he should have written a book. He swam in open water with no land in sight, the boat was followed by sharks, he swam with wild dolphins to name but a few things. I am proud to have had a salty old dad who loved an adventure!

9. I recently did a 6 week course on flower arranging-does that sound abit Nanna? Well anyway it was absolutely brilliant and so nice to do something new to me. I now feel confident when I friend brings me a bunch of flowers that I can arrange them in a vase nicely and not just plonk them in! My next plan is to try pottery (to the horror of my husband who says the house will be full of misshapen pottery creations!)

I hope you enjoyed reading my random things....Now I need to pass on the award (going to give that a little more thought)xx


  1. Again your welcome :) really nice to hear more about you - I can't believe that your foot was ok after being run over by a FIRE ENGINE!! If that isn't an ad for clarkes I don't know what is, haha! Good luck with the pottery too - that's another craft I would like to try, along with flower aranging as well - I do tend to just stick them in the vase... my flower arrangements always look quite sorry for themselves! There definitely is an art to it which sadly I do not (yet) posess!
    Hope you are enjoying the beautiful sunny weather today, have a great week xx

  2. These are great! I think I'd liek to draw the wig on the lead dog! Do you think we could have him on wttw!? lol xxx