Thursday, 23 June 2011

My day job...

Hi All,

I always mention my day job but have never really shown you what I do so heres a little peek into my
fulltime day Job as a babywear designer.
I have uploaded a little selection of the clothing I have designed to show you. xx

** all copyright belongs to Mamas and Papas **


  1. Oh they are all gorgeous!! Love the tasteful muted colours and those little booties are adorable! x

  2. Just beautiful, my little girl has the dolly in the first picture, she has had her a long time and adores her.
    I have bought the booties before as well, for a gift.
    Andrea x

  3. Thanks guys!
    Andrea thats so lovely to know you have bought my booties! Its funny you don't often get to see your products on babys out and about-on occasion I see them in a super market and still gasp and nudge my husband saying I designed that! xx
    P.s Sounds like the doll has a good home!

  4. Ha ha, that little dude looks smart! Beautiful colourways, they look lovely!