Sunday, 19 February 2012

My Salty sailor dad...

about 1 week ago I was sent a box of old photos that used to belong to my dad that had been in storage.

It was such a joy to open up the box full of old photos of dad, you could certainly "smell" there age and history as I lifted them out of the box! The main treasure of this box was a beautiful photo of dad on one of his first boats when his love of sailing began.

I am yet to find a worthy frame but as soon as I do this beauty is going on the wall! I feel so proud to have had such a talented dad.
Also in the box was his old sailing charts from when he made his journey from the Channel Islands over to Barbados. They are so beautiful, tea stained and creased with all the pencil markings dotted along the journey he made from island to island..complete with a doodle here and there!

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