Monday, 24 October 2011

What a great anniversary weekend...

I have had the most amazing anniversary weekend in Chester with my husband, I am still smiling now!
We started off with a trip to chester zoo which was great, particular highlights where the butterfly house and the Monkeys. There where baby orangutans playing around, bopping there mum on the head I could have watched them all day long!  We also saw a family of meerkats which had tiny babies which looked like tiny cuddly toys. (going to upload my zoo pics later )

Next we went off to a boutique hotel in a converted Georgian town house in Chester which was really quirky, great styling, great experience and a giant egg shaped bath! We then went out for a fantastic meal in the evening and eventually rolled back to the hotel (we ate until we popped!) So a great weekend in great company.
Happy anniversary Mr Rowe!


  1. You look beautiful in that picture Elise! So nice to hear you enjoyed your weekend in Chester, it is a lovely city! x

  2. Thanks seems like such a long time ago now!
    I loved Chester, such a great city with loads of fab old buildings x