Monday, 10 October 2011

Xmas is on its way (in October!)

Hello Bloggers...
Well things are going to begin to ease off soon at the day job making way for some serious card making.
I already have stacks of Christmas orders waiting in the wings (people are very organised arnt they!)
I'm really excited about getting stuck into some new designs and getting in the mood for Christmas! I have ordered some lovely new stamps today from etsy including a really cute Scandinavian reindeer that will be great for Xmas cards (look at his fab curly antlers!)

So Watch this space for Christmas cards and gift tags a plenty!


  1. Very nice! Looking forward to seeing your new designs :) Thanks for your comment just now, yes I do make my mirrors with a machine... the same machine as my badges, I just change the die to a bigger one, and use different componants, easy peasy!! x

  2. I've made a start on Xmas cards too, but that stamp is gorgeous! I'll just have to have a sneak peek on Etsy now... hehe! :) xx

  3. Jenny-really fancy having a go at making some mirrors to but dont think the parts will go in my badge it machine as it only takes small badge mirrors may be hard to use unless people wanted to view there faces a little at a time..ha ha!
    Helen- Good on you, you are super organised with your cards, I cant wait to get stuck into some new designs x