Monday, 25 April 2011

A very happy easter for me...

What a lovely stretch of time off I have had. Got lots done in the Garden including staining the decking, my planters and bench. Have seen my girlie's, we went for a picnic to Chatsworth to toast Katie's engagement-I gave her the poem bottle I had made which she loved.
Then today hubby and I went off with some friends and there little girls on a nice long walk in the countryside where we saw a whopping 40 horses in total-Little Sophie aged 6 was counting them all the way round. So tomorrows my last day off and I'm planning to spend it catching up on oodles of card orders and a wedding anniversary in a jar.

Also came across this fantastic cat sketch from "Simon's Cat" it reminded me so much of our cat Marley who has woken us up on the dot of 6.30am every morning by any means necessary!! Take a look.
Hope you all had a great Easter to xx

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