Wednesday, 6 April 2011

wedding in a jar....

My good friend Nic noo is getting married this weekend so I have made her a little jar of wedding  goodies. Really enjoyed packaging it all up and making all the finishing touches! I hand stamped little luggage tags to wrap around each individual gift inside which included...a linen "love heart" two glass hearts, a lip balm for kissable lips, love letter note paper, ribbon to "tie the knot" and a mini horse shoe for luck. I finished the jar with a spotty fabric top, twine, hand made labels and a butterfly-really chuffed with it!x

                                                       * copyright of button box cards *


  1. It's the best! sooo beautiful! and its min all mine! thanku very much lady xxxxx

  2. I love it, Elise, no wonder you're happy Nik! I've put you on my blog at last :) hope that's Ok and big love xxxx

  3. Arrr thanks Michele-of course its okay really appreciate it!xx